Many iPhone users face Wi-Fi connectivity issues with their phone. The iPhone often disconnects itself from the Wi-Fi network and needs to be connected manually every now and then, which makes it quite annoying for the users. Your connection can be quite slow sometimes. Some users complain about unstable Wi-Fi connection or that they aren’t able to connect their iPhone to Wi-Fi at all. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, there are many things that you can do to solve the issue. So, today we have a guide for you that can help you fix your Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Turn Your Wi-Fi On

First, you should make sure that your Wi-Fi is turned on.  Turning your Wi-Fi on using Control Centre is the Simplest of all ways.

Swipe up from your screen’s bottom and tap on the Wi-Fi icon. This will activate it. Also, ensure to check the Airplane Mode near the Wi-Fi. It might be possible that you left it on accidentally as this can be the reason behind the issue. Tap to disable the Airplane Mode and you are back with your network

The Easiest Fix

If you have not already done this, try switching off your Wi-Fi router and your iPhone and turn them on again. To do so, press and hold your power button until you get the option of “Slide to Power Off.” Slide across your screen with the finger and let it switch off completely. Now hole your power button until it turns on and you see the Apple logo.

To turn your Wi-Fi router off and on again, pull out the power cord from the wall and plug it again. After the router reboots, reconnect your iPhone to Wi-Fi network.

Turn Off The Bluetooth

Bluetooth can be another reason for your iPhone not staying connected to the Wi-Fi network or it won’t get connected at all as the Bluetooth cause interference with your Wi-Fi connections. So, turn it off to make it if this makes any difference. You either can swipe up the bottom of the screen and turn off your Bluetooth from there or go to Settings, then General and turn your Bluetooth off.

Reset Network Settings of iPhone

The network settings of your iPhone contain all types of information like connection data, preferences for Wi-Fi and cellular networks. If any of the Wi-Fi settings are corrupted, it can stop you from having a working Wi-Fi connection. To avoid this, reset the network setting. Though this can delete some of your preferences and your stored data, it is your only available option.

To reset the settings, Tap Settings> General> Reset>Reset Network Settings> Confirm. Enter the Wi-Fi connection information again and you possibly will be good to go now.

Restart your Modem

If your iPhone cannot connect to one Wi-Fi but connects to others successfully, it is recommended to restart the modem. Unplug it for 30 seconds and plug them in back again. Wait for a couple of minutes and try connecting the Wi-Fi again.

Update Software

A software bug also can cause this issue. So, ensure to install the newest one. You can either update the latest software wirelessly or using iTunes, whatever is easy for you.

Contact Apple For Technical Support

After trying all the above-mentioned tricks, if your iPhone cannot connect to Wi-Fi, you may be having a hardware issue. It is best to contact an authorized Apple services provider for hardware issues. This can be the best option for you.


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