Epic Games are set to release the latest season of Fortnite on October 10th, and the internet is already going mad over the leaks. If those leaks are anything to go by – which it looks look they are – then there are going to be some big changes coming along in Fortnite Season 11.

Articles are starting to circulate relating to major map changes and the inclusion of a whole new type of bot… by which we mean lethal killer robots that may roam the map attacking anyone and everyone in sight. There’s also rumors that a giant monster will fight a giant robot across the map, wiping out vast swathes of it as they go.

None of this is 110% confirmed, but a lot of it is looking pretty much set to go. What’s more, there are rumors that Fortnite staples like the battle bus may also disappear. Yep, there are a lot of changes on the horizon.

What’s new in Fortnite Season 11?

The biggest leak that we’ve seen says that there will be 13 new locations in the map. That’s a BIG overhaul. There are at least ten new locations that are confirmed by various leaks, which suggests one of two things: First, Fortnite is getting a big makeover. Second, it’s a completely new map altogether. The second one is actually looking increasingly more likely.

A brave new world?

Think about it, there have been ten seasons in one map – two years of landing in more or less the same environment – even if it’s changed somewhat. A new map is exactly what the game needs to hook players back into the mix.

With so many new locations rumored, surely they aren’t just changing the existing map. This is more likely going to mean that a whole new island will be making an entrance to Season 11.

There is more evidence of this as well. Other leaks appear to show loading screens with a picture of some of the game’s main characters waving goodbye to the battle bus. This could mean that the bus is no longer going to be a thing, and that we’re going to see a new island with a… battle boat? Who knows?

Killer robots. Great.

Another prominent leak shows some pretty concerning killer bots with guns for hands that look completely terrifying and could probably wipe you out with ease – especially in the early stages of the game. That’s great news. It certainly gives a whole new meaning to the word bot.

These new killer robots probably aren’t just going to pop up on the same old Fortnite Island – no, all of this appears to be pointing to something completely new and revolutionary. Maybe you’ll still be able to play on the old island, too. That would certainly please fans.

Rebooting the Series

Fortnite has been a little dry as of late. There are plenty of articles now doing the rounds predicting the imminent downfall of Epic Games’ masterpiece. To be fair, the game has been out for more than two years and no game can last forever. People will always get bored and move elsewhere eventually – it’s just the nature of the business.

But some games do stand the test of time – Minecraft, for example, certainly hasn’t become less popular over time. Quite the opposite has happened in that case, in fact. But then, parents don’t blame Minecraft for their kids being violent and the game is just very re-playable thanks to its ultra-simple nature.

Fortnite will need to put some more work in to stay relevant, so it’s no wonder that Epic Games are throwing in so many vast changes to the game. If the company wants players to stay loyal to Fortnite: Battle Royale, then they’ll have to keep things going in an interesting direction for players.

What we really want to see

While it looks like Epic Games is busy at work bringing you the best possible Fortnite experience, there are a few things that we really want to see unfold in Season 11. Here they are.

Cheap battle passes: Okay, $10 isn’t the end of the world, but we’ve paid it like ten times now… It’d be nice to see a cheaper battle pass – although, we do appreciate the work that goes into updating the game all the time and the fact that this requires a lot of money to continue doing.

Giant monster fights: This is actually rumored to be a thing in Fortnite Season 11. We certainly do want to see a giant robot fighting a giant monster in the background of the game as we run around killing each other. And yes, before you ask, we totally want the possibility of it crushing us if we get too close.

New map: With all the excitement going around right now, we’d actually be really disappointed at this stage if we didn’t see a completely new map on October 10th. It just feels like the right time. The game is getting stagnant, it’s already been ten seasons, and people need something new if they’re going to stay interested in the game. A winning formula is good for a while, but you can’t just keep repeating it and expecting it to work out every time – *ahem, Apple…*

New weapons: Obviously, we want to see some cool new guns to run around blowing each other away with – after all, what’s an update without some new toys to include in our arsenal?!

Killer robots: it would just make everything way more interesting if players had to deal with terrifying killer robots throughout the game. It would change the odds of the same people winning all the time, too, making the game less predictable.

The wrap-up

Obviously, we’re really excited about Fortnite Season 11. It looks like it’s going to be the biggest update to the game since its initial release back in 2017. Here’s hoping that our wildest hopes come true! We’re counting down the days to October 10th.


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