Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of iOS 13. To be fair, if you hadn’t then you wouldn’t even be reading this article. The new operating system from Apple is kitted out with some major upgrades that will make using an iPhone a much more smooth and convenient experience.

But what exactly is iOS 13 and what new features does it have? Also, what iPhones will have iOS 13? In this post, we’ll answer these questions so that you have some idea of what iOS 13 is and why you might want to buy an iPhone to use it. We’ll also let you know what iPhones can use it. Finally, we’ll measure it up against the latest version of Android to see if it’s any better than the competition.

What is iOS 13?

iOS 13 is the latest incarnation of Apple’s mobile operating system, exclusively for iPhones. It’s the upgrade from the previous OS – iOS 12. The iPad will have its own iPadOS that will bring with it new features specifically aimed at the bigger hardware.

The release of iOS 13 will mean that most iPhone users will be able to experience a better version of the software on their device. It will affect all iPhones dating back to the iPhone 6S. This means that most people who use an iPhone will get in on the free update. That’s another thing that we should stress – iOS 13 is completely free to use – and you probably won’t get a choice on whether you update to it or not (Apple generally gives you the option for a while and then automatically installs the new version when your device next restarts).

What new features come with iOS 13?

Aside from bringing obvious updates to speed and performance, the main feature of iOS 13 that’s doing the rounds at the moment is dark mode. This means that you can now replace all those invasive white backgrounds with a black or grey one that is much easier on the eyes. This will be welcome news for many iPhone users who are fed up with straining their eyes when they inevitably use their device after dark. This could also go a long way towards preserving battery life seeing as OLED displays tend to turn off pixels completely when showing black.

Dark Mode: Dark mode is probably the most anticipated feature of the new iOS update. It means that you can view most apps in a dark mode which is ideal for night time.

Silence unknown calls: If you keep getting buzzed from unknown numbers, then silence the interruption by making sure those calls no longer disturb you. This will be a welcome change for many users.

Better Maps: Probably still not going to live up to the glorious Google Maps, but Apple Maps is getting consistent upgrades and the iOS 13 version looks better than ever before – especially in dark mode. Apple actually invests millions into Maps every year and makes user privacy central to the whole thing – an often overlooked detail.

New Siri Voice: There’s a new Siri in town, and she sounds less like a soulless robot and more like someone you’d actually want to converse with. Apple says that this will be very noticeable when Siri is reading long phrases, such as when you get her to read text or give you the news headlines. This is a welcome upgrade to your digital assistant.

New camera modes: iOS 13 will also allow you to take better pictures – and just in time for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro release, which is big news for cameras. You can now change the light intensity and there are new filters for Portrait mode. If you’re a photo addict, then iOS 13 won’t disappoint you.

Longer phone life: While the word has always been that iOS updates sabotage your phone and slowly kill it, the reality is now that iOS 13 will make your old iPhone faster and last for longer. Apple admitted that they weren’t being totally ethical with their hardware before, but now the company has been exposed for this (and now that they’re making more money off of other areas apart from hardware) it seems that they’re now more accommodating to users with older iPhones.

Find My: The new Find My app allows you to find your lost Apple products and your friends in the same place. This removes bloatware from your device and generally makes things easier to manage. You can also now track devices that aren’t connected to Wi-Fi or data through a clever Bluetooth thing.

Swipe keyboard: For those who are a little too lazy to remove their finger from the phone and then place it back down again, Apple has got you covered. There is now a swipe keyboard that allows you to get your messages written out quicker and with less effort using finger gestures. It’s not for everyone, but it might be for you.

The Wrap-up

If you’re looking to buy a new iPhone, or you already have an iPhone dating back to the iPhone 6S, then you can get in on iOS 13 when it gets released in September. This is Apple’s most exciting iOS update to date and we’re very much looking forward to the introduction of dark mode – not least because our job requires that we spend far too much time looking at bright screens and it strains the hell out of our eyes!


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